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Pine Ridge Garden Club News

HELEN NICOLAOU, Special to The Standard

SCUGOG: Up until last Monday’s snowfall, I was beginning to feel we would slide through the winter missing the predicted record snow and cold temperatures. Photographers with cameras enjoyed breathtaking winter scenery.

March has been “Designated as Pet-Friendly Plant Month,” and I wanted to bring awareness to keeping our loved companions safe indoors. Due to extremely cold temperatures, pets are indoors more, becoming stressed-out and bored, unknowingly chewing on plants within reach. Most plants are toxic and are 8th on the list of most reported pet toxins, accounting for 6 percent of all poison accidents.

Bringing plants into the home has many benefits, such as improving air quality and even removing dust by up to 20 percent. Plants have proven to increase productivity, creativity, memory and attention spans.

So consider the following pet-friendly plants for their visual appeal, cascading growth, foliage or tropical ambiance. Dainty African violets, gloxinias or orchids. The easy to care for spider plant is a natural air purifier.

Some plants may not have blooms but their leaves have texture and colour, like the royal velvet plant, Chinese money plant or the purple waffle plant. The Money Tree, while it is not confirmed “it actually brings wealth to its owner,” is another natural air purifier.

A selection of palm trees brings intrigue to kitties as they bat at the arching branches.

A great and much-needed outing, to enjoy the plants we are all craving this time of year, can be experienced at Vandermeers Nursery, at Lakeridge and Bayly. They have the largest selection of houseplants and tropicals in Durham. Wander the aisles, filled with beauty year-round, to uplift and inspire you.

For a complete list of safe, worry-free plant options for both cats and dogs, visit Our 2022 Garden meetings will begin, virtually by zoom invitation, Tuesday, March 15th.

We want to extend an invitation to anyone interested in learning how to: fill a planter, to adorn your front entry or deck; start a garden; and learn along with us in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Simply sign up by downloading the membership form at As a member, you are entitled to join us virtually, to hear interesting speakers, and participate in exhibits and discounts to many garden centres within Durham Region. In-person meetings, at the Nestleton Hall, will resume once we receive the provincial “GO.”

If you require any assistance with questions regarding becoming a member, please email to our website and direct inquiries to Norma or Helen

We are looking forward to seeing you soon. You can also contact us at Pineridgegardenclub “where gardeners come to bloom.”

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