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Pine Ridge Garden Club

SHIRLEY LOVE Special to The Standard

DURHAM: Unfortunately, Pine Ridge Garden Club meetings have been cancelled until further notice. The Garden Club became a Charter Member of the Ontario Horticultural Association in 1977. Is that not a long time for a club to exist? Club members have participated in many civic beautification programs in Scugog and are presently working on the gardens at the Scugog Shores Museum. Pine Ridge supports two local fairs and also provides a yearly bursary to a student studying horticulture or environmental studies. We always welcome new members to join and enjoy and learn from our various Guest Speakers. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month with the exception of March which is on the second Tuesday. Membership for ten very enjoyable and informative meetings are $15 for a single individual and $20 for a family. For more information call Shirley Love at 905-986-5330 or via email at

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