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Pine Ridge Garden Club

SHIRLEY LOVE, Special to The Standard

The proper preparation of your garden beds, as soon as you can work the soil, is most important to their success later on. As soon as the soil can be worked turn the soil over, digging deep, and work sheep manure into it, and any leaves left over from the autumn. Compost can be added now, further enriching the soil.

Now you are finished preparing your garden soil and there is quite a bit of leisure time, you can make your compost bins if you don’t have any, there are lots of directions on the web.

Also, rain barrels are a good idea, this saves money for you, there is no electricity to be used to get water. I have two, and wouldn’t be without them.

For information on Scugog’s friendly and very informative Club, please go to the Club’s website, at, where you will find all kinds of interesting happenings posted, or call me at 905-986-5330.

Between winter and summer lies a beautiful spring.

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