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Pine Ridge Garden Club

SHIRLEY LOVE, Special to The Standard

Summer solstice is June 21st and is the longest day of the year. What does this mean for gardeners? More garden work, because the extra light and warmth in our gardens can help promote the growth of weeds and the garden will need a good watering if it gets too dry.

There is some help for you, in regards to water requirements, if you plant drought tolerant plants. You can source these online. My three favourites are: Cleome, great for the back of a sunny border; Lantana, whose flowers are loved by Butterflies; and Portulaca (Moss rose), whose blooms can be single or double. The growth habit of these plants are what I call ground-huggers which, in addition, can help in smothering out weeds.

Pine Ridge Garden Club is keeping busy with online floral competitions for members and keeping them informed via the Club’s Newsletters. They can always find help on our website, including information about the ‘Contactless Plant Sale’.

Every flower of every tomorrow are in the seeds of today.

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