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Ontario Premier calls for federal carbon tax to end

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

DURHAM/KAWARTHA LAKES: Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke out against the federal government’s recent carbon tax increase, at a press conference, on Tuesday, April 2nd.

As of April 1st, the Canadian federal government increased the carbon pricing to $80 per tonne. It was previously $65 per tonne. The tax is meant to encourage businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“I just wish I could say I was happy about what we’re here to talk about today,” Premier Ford said. “Yesterday, on April 1st, against the urging of Premiers of every political stripe, right across our country, the federal government raised the carbon tax yet again. This time by a whopping 23 percent.”

The Premier called for an end to the federal government’s carbon tax.

“Because of this awful carbon tax, families across Ontario spent their Easter weekends lined up around the block, waiting to fill their gas tanks up, one more time, before the increase kicked in,” he explained. “We’re all here today to make it clear, we stand against the carbon tax, because we know Ontario families deserve to keep more money, their hard earned money, in their own pockets.”

Premier Ford cited the fact, “cost of living has never been higher,” and stated, he feels Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won’t win the next election if he doesn’t eliminate the carbon tax.

“This carbon tax is killing businesses,” Premier Ford said. “This is just punishing, crippling companies out there, and we’re going to fight it tooth and nail every day.”

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