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Ontario government expands list of ailments pharmacies can prescribe and treat

DAN CEARNS The Standard

DURHAM/KAWARTHA LAKES: The Ontario government is allowing pharmacists to prescribe and treat a number of ailments.

On Sunday, October 1st, Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, announced people will now be able to visit pharmacies to get prescriptions for acne, canker sores, diaper rash, yeast infections, parasitic worms, and “nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.”

“Pharmacies play an important role in connecting people to high quality, reliable care right across Ontario. With nearly 5,000 pharmacies operating across Ontario, open late at night and on the weekends, they are one of the most convenient places for Ontarians to access the healthcare system,” Minister Jones said, at a press conference.

An Ontario government press release explained, that people will only need to present their health card, at pharmacies, to receive a prescription.

“The cost of the medication being prescribed will continue to be paid for by people directly or through their drug benefits plan,” the press release added.

The press release also stressed this change “saves people a trip to the doctor’s office and gives family doctors more time to help people who need more specialized care.”

In January, the government added 13 ailments pharmacists could treat, such as hay fever, pink eye, insect and tick bites and hemorrhoids.

“Since the start of this year, 89 percent of Ontario’s pharmacies have been treating common ailments, providing over 400,000 assessments,” the government’s press release stated.

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