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New Playground Coming to Blackstock


SCUGOG: Construction for a new Blackstock playground began, on October 30th, at Roy E. Carter Park, in Blackstock.

According to the director of public works and infrastructure, for the Township of Scugog. Carol Coleman, the construction will be completed sometime in late November.

“Parks and playgrounds provide a gathering place for the community, where people can get to know their neighbours and children can learn cooperative play,” said Ms. Coleman. “The playground equipment helps children to improve balance, agility and hand/eye coordination while getting outdoors and being active.”

The township has a project set in place, to replace one playground within Scugog Township per year. 2023 was Blackstock’s turn.

The new playground will include multiple accessibility features, for those who may need them. These features include: an accessible swing, a transfer platform to the climber, a catwalk bridge, a trail climber, wheel panel and more.

According to Ms. Coleman, as playgrounds age, the plastic “delaminates” and the metal may corrode, exposing rust. These can both be safety concerns.

The old playground equipment at the park was sold at an auction, in early October. The winning bid was made by a private individual, for $825.

The new playground equipment cost $75,000. This includes site preparation and an engineered wood fibre base.

To learn more about the elements being added and to view a render of the playground please visit

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