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Movement for life

By Lauren Walker, All Fit/All Ages Gym

At eighty-eight years old, my newest client is in the gym for the first time. The goal of our working together is to help strengthen her hip, before hip replacement surgery. I’ve also worked with other clients in this period of time, and I nicknamed it “pre-rehab” for those awaiting surgery.

In my client's case, she has already been to the doctor, and they’ve concluded she’ll eventually need a replacement. What can be done in the meantime?

Atrophy is a decrease in muscle after a long period of inactivity. This often occurs post-surgery. The goal of pre-rehab is to develop strength and grow muscle. In my experience, those with increased muscle mass tend to fair better post-surgery. Their rate of atrophy is much less. Muscle is what keeps the joint in place, and strong muscle means my client can maintain functionality in the meantime.

Quality of movement is so important. I may modify the movement depending on the individual.

How do we strengthen the hip without causing further damage? These are the basic movements to focus on.

1. Squat: This is a very functional movement of the hip. To master a squat at chair height is ideal. This develops strength in the glutes, which are the large muscles of your rear end.

2. Lunge: Another functional movement of the hip which requires a 90-degree bend.

3. Weight-bearing: To assess the client’s ability to bear weight on one leg.

With proper guidance, these are great ways to develop strength without using high-impact movement. Don’t try these exercises on your own.

Call us at 289-356-2140 to book an assessment, or stop by All Fit All Ages today. We are located across from Food Basics and beside Coldwell Banker.

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