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Miller Paving’s Boyington Pit 3 receives OSSGA’s Progressive Rehabilitation Award

RICHARD HILLIER, Manager, Communications, Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association

UXBRIDGE: Miller Paving’s Boyington Pit 3 in the Township of Uxbridge has received OSSGA’s 2021 Progressive Rehabilitation award, presented at OSSGA’s 2022 Conference & AGM at the end of February.

This is Boyington Pit 3’s first Progressive Rehabilitation Award. It recognizes the pit’s work from April to November 2021 to return 12 hectares of land to agricultural production and work with the local agricultural community to re-establish the productivity of the soils. This included sloping the pit faces in two areas to closely mimic the naturally occurring topography of the farmland area. The initiative involved 300 hours of dozer grading for 60,000 cubic metres of overburden and fine sands to help shape the target areas and applying 35,000 cubic metres to depths between eight inches and one foot to support agricultural use of the pit floors. Corn, soybean and wheat crops were then planted and harvested in later months.

“The hard work, pride, and dedication that our Miller employees take in their work and their workplace helps define us a leader in the industry,” said Scott Boyle, Vice President, PPG and Aggregates, The Miller Group. “We are proud of our aggregate sites and the efforts made by all to continually improve and integrate them into the communities in which we work.”

Progressive Rehabilitation Award The Progressive Rehabilitation Award recognizes the ongoing efforts of individual operators to progressively rehabilitate their sites in accordance with their site plans.

OSSGA Industry Recognition Awards Program The OSSGA Industry Recognition Awards Program recognizes a wide range of activities that contribute to a progressive image of our member aggregate producers and the aggregate industry as a whole. A key goal is to raise the bar in the industry by highlighting operations that go above and beyond what is required by legislation.

“We encourage each member to strive for excellence in their operations, to be sound stewards of the lands on which they operate, and to be engaged and valued members of their community,” said Norm Cheesman, Executive Director of OSSGA. “All of OSSGA’s 2021 Industry Recognition Award winners have gone far above our expectations.”

A full list of winners can be found in the 2021 OSSGA Industry Recognition & Student Design Award Booklet and at!

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