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Military training exercises<br>held in Uxbridge

CAPTAIN ERIKA PALAKOVIC, Department of National Defence

Members of 32 Territorial Battalion Group (32 TBG) exercised their communications and logistical capabilities on Saturday, March 19th and Sunday, March 20th, 2022. A Headquarters element was set up at Markham Fairgrounds, which communicated between one Command Post in Tottenham, and another Command Post in Uxbridge, at Wooden Sticks Golf Club. 32 Signal Regiment will maintain communications between these three locations, covering over 123 square kilometres. Signallers will also exercise long-distance communications with 31 Signal Regiment in London, Ont. and 32 Signal Regiment (UK) in Glasgow, Scotland. Members of the public saw military vehicles on roads and highways in and around Markham, Tottenham, and Uxbridge, as 32 Service Battalion conducts a Driver-Wheeled course. Military vehicles were driven between these three locations in support of exercise activities, as soldiers earn sufficient mileage towards their qualifications. Part of their training was to prepare them for dealing with flood conditions. No weapons or ammunition were used at any point throughout the exercise. 32 TBG is comprised of local Canadian Armed Forces Reserve units from 32 Canadian Brigade Group, the Army Reserve of Toronto in the GTA and Niagara.

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