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Memories of a Small Town

The Artist Within by Lauren Walker

As a writer and artist, I consider myself a part of the media. I decided I wanted to tell some positive stories about the people in my community. I can’t change the world, but I can start right here at home.

“Memories of a small town” is an idea for a book I want to write. I need the help of my community. Yes, I’m talking to you, my loyal readers out there. My latest series of artwork is called “Old and New: Buildings of Port Perry.” If you check my Facebook page, you’ll see my series. These amazing places in our small town hold many special memories. I want to dedicate this book to those wonderful memories.

I want to hear from you. If you have a special memory of a location I’ve painted, please email them to me, at Tell me about it, and your story will be a part of this very special project. I want to create a positive story and share it with others. Let’s do this together.

I am so grateful to have sold my “50 Years of the old Mill” piece, which was the very first in my series. I just completed my fourth in the series called: “Brock’s on foot.” This hangs on the wall at Brock’s Department store. A sincere thanks to Julie and Marina!

I’m currently working on my fifth in the series; my largest canvas to date, at 3ft x 4ft. I’m completing the old “St.Charles” hotel, at the corner of Queen and Water Street. My next project will be The Port Perry United Church. I can’t wait until I have my own studio, which is in the works!

Happy painting!

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