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Meet our Port Perry Angels

LORILEE MCKELVIE Special to The Standard

SCUGOG: The Port Perry Angels Mite team is the youngest group in the Angels organization. The Mites are the U10 division and most of our girls are 10 years old this year, with a few 9 year olds, and even one 7 year old. This group of girls has come together in a short period of time and are showing great character. Here’s a look at our starting line up:

1 Avery “mini mite” Normoyle – Avery is our youngest and smallest player but she brings a lot of spunk and charm to the team. She’s working hard on her fielding and hitting and can’t wait to get on the pitching mound.

5 Erica “play maker” Simms – Erica always has her head in the game and is ready to make a play. During practice she’ll even make the umpire calls. Her commentary is sure to bring a smile to your face.

9 Reeghan “best sportsmanship” Miller – Reeghan has a great attitude on and off the field. Although quiet as a mouse, she’s always positive and handing out high five’s.

10 Dakota “Ms. Hustle” Norris – Dakota is learning to catch this year and she’s great behind the plate, always quick to get the ball back to the pitcher. She’s also off to a strong start hitting, as she already has a few hits under her belt.

11 Mackenzie “the rookie” Vestby-Hayward – This is Mackenzie’s first year on the team and although she started off timid and shy, she got a couple of hits early in the season and is gaining confidence. Mackenzie is also working on her fielding and is getting stronger with each practice.

13 Sam “most dedicated” Saller – this is Sam’s second year as a Mite. This season she was determined to learn how to pitch and has spent endless hours practicing and it’s paid off – she’s off to a great start on the mound and only improving with each inning pitched.

14 Addison “the rocket” Mott – this is also Addison’s first year with the Angels but she’s not new to softball. She has a rocket of an arm… watch out if you hit it up the third base line, she’ll throw you out at first. Addison is also learning to pitch and we can’t wait to see her on the mound.

20 Ella “eagle eye” Pigeau – Ella has a keen eye and much patience at the plate. Although eager to get her first hit, Ella will take a walk to get on base and help her team! Ella is also learning how to catch and is excited when given the opportunity behind the plate.

21 Madison “ the vet” McKelvie – this is Madison’s third year playing mite for the Angels. As she learned the game and developed her skills in the first two years, Madison has taken to the mound and learned to pitch this year.

22 Jaelyn “cheer master” Slute – Jaelyn is all about cheering on her team on and off the diamond. When she’s not singing the cheers in a game, she’s being creative and making gifts and cards for her teammates and coaches. Thanks Jaelyn.

25 Natasha “team player” Allan – Natasha is a first year Mite as well but demonstrates raw talent. During practice she’s actively listening and following instruction and during game play she’s ready to do her best and help the team.

26 Brie “the cannon” Smale – second year Mite and first year pitcher, Brie is off to a great start. On the offence, she’s contributing to the team with hits and runs and on the defence, her cannon of an arm has been striking out the opposition. Brie is also doing an awesome job behind the plate as one of our catchers.

27 Lauren “textbook” McLaughlin – Lauren is the perfect example of how to swing, how to catch, how to throw. As a second year mite Lauren has great biomechanics of each skill and demonstrates it during game play. Lauren is also doing a fabulous job as one of our catchers.

52 Jadyn “the speedster” Allan – Jadyn may be tiny but she can move. Still waiting for her first hit of the season, she is getting on base with walks and when she does, watch out. Jadyn shows her speed as she steals bases and earns runs for the team.

The Mites are off to a good start this season, winning their opening game, placing 3rd in the Cobourg tournament and 6th in the Barrie tournament. They have had a bit of time off with three of their league games being rained out but they are eager to get back on the diamond. Hopefully they will get their next league games in before heading to Ajax for the PanJam tournament July 5th, 6th and 7th. Come out and cheer on the Mites. See you there!

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