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Many Uxbridge residents oppose condo construction

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: Bruce Garrod from Uxbridge Council recognized Uxbridge needs alternative housing styles.

Alternative housing helps seniors who aren’t able to live independently and would rather live in a complex than a typical house. “The challenge is to find the optimal location and to have a building that fits with the character of Uxbridge,” said Councillor Garrod. Many residents living in Uxbridge and the surrounding areas were not happy to hear about the condo proposal. Council received 52 emails from residents voicing their concerns regarding proposed construction in the area of Harrema Boulevard and Brock Street. “Dropping an 86 unit, six-storey building will dramatically alter the landscape,” wrote one resident to Council. They explained, this building, once constructed, will be the first thing people see when coming into Uxbridge along Brock St. East.

The same resident continued, addressing issues with traffic, because of the subdivisions North and South of Brock Street. According to them, the subdivisions weren’t meant to handle the level of traffic this complex will bring into the area.

One resident voiced their approval of the complex, and said their landlord is selling the townhouses they are living in. They started the email stating, they are aware of the many traffic concerns other residents have, but their concern is the lack of available housing in Uxbridge. According to this individual, finding rental housing in Uxbridge is very challenging.

“I very much wish there was a condo unit, or something along those lines, in town so that there were more opportunities to secure housing,” they wrote.

Again, they said, they recognize and understand other residents’ concerns about high traffic volumes, and commented, the proposed location isn’t the best spot for reduced traffic. But, they’d like to remind other residents, not having security is a bigger concern for many people living in and outside Uxbridge.

“There are many displaced families looking for housing, in Uxbridge right now, and coming up empty-handed.” They added, “We desperately need more housing options in Uxbridge!”

According to Councillor Highet, concerns; from Council, the public and from the Public Planning Meeting will be discussed publicly, once Council receives the report from the Township consultant planner.

Councillor Garrod said, when the time comes for Uxbridge Council to look over the planning report, his role is to represent Ward 3. The Uxbridge Township’s Planning staff report is pending and isn’t expected to come to Council until May or June.

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