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Local Shelter Looking for Animal Care Attendant


The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: The Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Shelter is looking for a new employee, to fill their Animal Care Attendant position.

Currently, other staff members are working to fill the needs this position requires.

The Animal Care Attendant Position is a casual contract supervisor position, which will last up to eight months at the shelter. Emily Gerber said the person filling this position will be needed until September 2023.

Once hired, you can expect to work at least 15 hours a week, including rotating days, half-days and weekends. The wage for this position ranges from $17.97 an hour to $21.02 an hour. The application process is scheduled to close on Monday, December 5th.

For further information and requirements regarding this listing, please visit the Township of Uxbridge website, at

Ms. Gerber told The Standard, the person filling this position would learn how to care for the animals currently housed at the shelter. Other tasks include grooming, feeding, giving medication and training. This position also requires public interaction and general administrative duties.

Someone working in this position will learn how to teach members of the public about proper animal care. For example, suppose a family is adopting a new dog, in that case, an Animal Care Attendant can explain what kind of care the dog needs, to help it live a long and fulfilling life with its new family.

Ms. Gerber explained, talking to the public is a large and important part of the shelter staff’s job. They help many members of the public learn about caring for their pets and what to do if they have a stray which won’t leave their property.

Currently, the Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Shelter does not have a volunteer program. Ms. Gerber said, staff at the shelter will further discuss starting a volunteer program, and may create one in the New Year. However, she added, they are thinking about offering a program to high school students. The program will allow students to complete their community service hours at the shelter.

This potential program is currently being discussed among shelter staff, to offer it to any interested staff, as well.

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