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Local hospitals receive annualized funding increase

KAWARTHA LAKES: On March 25th, our government released Ontario’s Action Plan: Responding to COVID-19, which includes an increase of $935 million in new investments for Ontario hospitals this year. As part of that funding, $594 million will support hospitals as they meet current and future demands for regular services. This represents an overall increase in funding to the hospital sector of approximately three per cent. “This investment provides a five percent increase of over $3.7 million in funding for Ross Memorial Hospital and a two percent increase of more than $199,000 for Haliburton Highlands Health Services Corporation,” said MPP Laurie Scott. “I’m delighted to announce this increase in annualized funding for our local hospitals,” continued MPP Scott. “This investment helps to solidify the care our community deserves.” “We are grateful for the Ontario government’s funding increase, which will support us in providing the care our community needs, as well as enabling our continued response to the pandemic,” stated Kelly Isfan, President and CEO, Ross Memorial Hospital. The hospital investment takes into consideration incremental growth to support flexibility, annualizing 2019/20 in-year investments, and ensuring all publicly funded hospitals receive an increase of no less than one per cent. Our government recognizes the long-standing funding inequities for both small and medium-sized hospitals. To provide continued financial stability and relief, we have annualized the $68 million investment from 2019/20 for both small and medium sized hospitals as part of this funding. Our goal has been clear. We are going to protect the health of Ontarians. Our government’s action plan will help us continue building a sustainable and connected health care system and equip hospitals to tackle COVID‑ 19.

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