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Local business expanding after 33 years


SCUGOG: Since 1986 Howey Kitchen & Bath has been offering their customers a complete start to finish renovation service with high quality products and valuable experience, but now in 2019, big things are happening for the Port Perry business and its owner, Scott Howey. Scott has a new vision. He has decided, along with his daughter, that it is time to expand his business by opening a new venture called Howey Home Decor. Scott first got started in this business after he had been doing woodworking and cabinetry for some friends of his. Scott took on a project for a friend who needed a new kitchen. He found that he enjoyed creating a vision and an idea, and then seeing it through to the end and satisfying his customers. Once he realized this calling, he decided to focus more on retail and designing. His new business soon took off and became the business that his customers know today. Scott’s biggest influences growing up were his parents. “They were always there to help me in any way that they could”, said Scott. From sanding and staining cabinets, to driving to Niagara Falls to pick up cabinets, they did it. “I remember my father telling me that whatever you do, always do a good job, and that is something I always think of.” Scott had his first show room in the plaza where Blazin’ Burgers is located. At the time, it was still KFC, and that is where Scott met his wife Annette. Scott’s late wife was always very helpful and supportive of him and his business. Scott then moved his showroom to what is now Subway on Water Street, and then in 1994 Scott moved his showroom to its present location. As Scott’s business became more established, he decided that he would offer a far more comprehensive experience than big box stores. “We have a lot of experience and product knowledge along with a wide selection of high-quality products including an extensive selection of ceramic tile, to fulfill and complete many types of renovations as well as provide one stop shopping.” Now, after 33 years in business, Scott has learned that one of the secrets to success is always keeping his customers informed, and treating them the way he would want to be treated if he were in the same situation. “I like to keep my clients updated, from their first visit through to the completion of their project.” he said. When customers are making decisions on product choices and designs Scott will offer guidance by telling them, “If it were me, this is what I would do.” This year, Scott has been working very hard on his next vision. His new vision is to expand his business with his daughter. “We were fortunate to have additional space become available, then the question was; what do we do with this new space?” Scott decided to add a supplementary business in the way of home décor. “We reopened conversations with Dulux Paints after being contacted by them initially a few years ago.” Once word got out around Port Perry that Scott was opening a Dulux dealership, he was approached by several people and asked if he would be selling window blinds too. This prompted Scott to contact both Hunter Douglas and Graber, and is taking on both lines of blinds. Mr. Howey has also decided to carry StoneRox, which is a line of lightweight stone facing. The main reason for Scott’s new vision and decision to expand and create this new business is for his daughter. “I want to have a future plan that she can be completely involved in, everything is hinged around her.” Scott’s daughter is completely involved in the new venture, “she will be a welcome asset. She already talks with all the sales reps more than I do.” Mr. Howey said “I would like to extend a big thank you to Bill Kennedy and his employee Paul for the extensive renovation work at both stores.” Scott’s late wife was also a big part of the decision. Thoughts of Annette are always on Scott and his daughter’s mind. That is part of the motivation for father and daughter to work together into the future, in memory of Annette. Scott’s plan is to have his new store, Howey Home Décor, open by early to mid-July. “We have already [had] a lot of people interested in our new store and we’re very excited to be opening soon!” said Scott. In closing, Scott shared, “if you are considering a custom renovation and or home decorating project, call Howey Kitchens and or Howey Home Décor, where quality products, services, and customer satisfaction mean more than just a good price alone.”

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