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Lindsay Social Dance Club supports the community’s new MRI

KIM COULTER, Communications Specialist RMH

KAWARTHA LAKES: As dance enthusiasts, members of the Lindsay Social Dance Club know the importance of working together to achieve your goals. The same is true at Ross Memorial Hospital, where donors’ contributions to the RMH Foundation make it possible to acquire tools and technology which would not otherwise be affordable.

Today, members of the Lindsay Social Dance Club presented a donation of $3,000 to Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO, to help fund the community’s new MRI.

“We’re honoured to receive this generous donation from the Lindsay Social Dance Club,” said Erin Coons. “Clubs such as theirs do more than provide an opportunity for like-minded people to connect. Through their fundraising events, they support important causes, throughout Kawartha Lakes, and improve the community for others.”

The Lindsay Social Dance Club (LSDC) is a non-profit membership-driven organization which holds regular Friday night dances, for mature adults, to raise money for a variety of charities. The club has a long history, going back to the early 1970s when dances were held at members’ houses. Their events grew and moved to the Moose Lodge and are now hosted at the Queen Victoria Public School gym. An executive committee governs the LSDC, and members are regularly consulted to ensure the dances are fun and purposeful.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging helps physicians confidently diagnose disease and injury in the brain, spine, joints, breasts and organs. It’s a vital tool for detecting herniated or bulging disks, arthritic changes, and cancer. More than 500 patient exams are scanned at the Ross every month. The community’s new MRI arrived in May, replacing the 12-year-old MRI, funded 100 percent by donors. The new MRI features cutting-edge technology which provides the sharpest image resolution faster than ever before.

For more information about the Lindsay Social Dance Club, contact Dave Ferguson, at 705-878-1119, or Tom Barnett, at 705-344-2039.

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