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Letter to the editor – Oct 17, 2019

Dear Editor

So many clauses. So many places where our donations are solicited. It’s so difficult to know where to invest our money. Two places which do not seem to have received much assistance or publicity in the past few months are the Oak Ridges Hospice of Durham, a most-necessary facility for all those requiring end-of-life care and for whom at present, there is limited availability. Having watched close friends and family cope with this situation, I feel that more awareness and support is needed now more than ever. The second facility is the “New” Animal Shelter for Uxbridge/Scugog. There are very few people in our area who do not have pets that are loved and cared for, but there are so many animals that need the care of the Shelter, which currently is unable to cope with the demand due to lack of space and modern equipment. At least 2 years ago the response was great, and we were almost on our way…then the problems arose, and the project is stagnant. I’m hoping that this letter will stir up interest and support for two areas where our money can do so much actual work.

Sincerely, G. Cameron

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