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Letter to the Editor: Musical Donation To Loaves And Fishes Food Bank

In February, local vocalist Bob Burrows was working on a project at Chalet Studio, just outside of Claremont, with another local musician Bill Cudmore.

Mr. Cudmore is a bit of a legend from the Toronto music scene of the 1960s.

Back then, he played baritone sax in a prominent band. Fans knew Robbie Lane and The Disciples of that band as "Wicked William."

From time to time, Robbie would call on Bill to put down his saxophone, pick up his mouth organ and come forward to play and sing a blues song for the crowd.

Often Wicked William would play a song by classic blues artist Jimmy Reed.

The project Bob Burrows was working on was a medley of Jimmy Reed songs.

So he enlisted Bill to come to the party's aid and sit in with his band on this tune.

Everyone had a fine time making music together at the studio all that afternoon.

When they were done, Bob offered Bill $100 for taking the time to come out.

Bill responded, "What would I want that for? Give it to the food bank."

So that is what we are doing, giving those funds to the Uxbridge Loaves And Fishes Food Bank, in the name of our friend and local musician, William Cudmore.

We thank him for his wonderful mouth organ playing and his generosity of spirit.

If you would like to hear the song they were recording, please go to our website at, and have a listen to The Jimmy Reed Medley.

You can also read The Tale Behind The Tune, which explains how and why we made this recording, the various musicians involved and the inside story. Enjoy.

Bob Burrows


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