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Letter to the editor – March 18, 2021

Dear Editor

GOING GOING GONE!!!! Where are all the Port Perry Trees going?

Suppose you live in an existing area or in an area about to be further developed. In that case, you will notice something is missing from the plan, trees!

One tree can provide enough oxygen for eight residents for a year. Yet, Scugog Township officials have already approved 862 mature trees to be destroyed.

Two developers are devastating a beautiful woodlot habitat. Ribcor has been approved for 127 houses and Chieftan, who is being considered by Scugog town council, on March 22nd, for the approval of 27 houses. Trees on the Chieftan Property range from 40-110 years old, and they are slated for removal.

Also at risk is Blandings Turtle which has also been spotted here. 234 Union Avenue is home to two dens of red foxes, red-tailed hawks, pileated woodpeckers, goldfinches, house finches, cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, juncos etc.

For more than six and half years, residents have spoken and begged for the protection of this habitat. It is an ideal location for parkland for all the other homes approved by Scugog Township. There was no protective action taken until February 20th, 2020. At that time, the Scugog Planning Department assured [us] they could protect and preserve the 24 (75-year-old) Norway Spruce along 234 Union Avenue (Chieftan).

The Scugog Township Planning Department has now said ‘some will be impacted (i.e. killed) for servicing to the Chieftan subdivision,’ when there may be alternatives available.

Saving those 24 trees at 234 Union Avenue is a priority before any further approvals are granted. No Environmental Impact Study (EIS) had been done until two years after demolition and activity happened on the Chieftan Property.

Please find your voice. Ask questions! Be the voice for the trees! You can view the plan and submit questions on the Scugog Community Engagement Page at

You may also sign up to attend the meeting, Monday, March 22nd at 6:30 p.m., by email: or by phone at 905-985-7346 ext.118.

The developer Chieftan will be looking for ‘approval to kill’. Please! Please! Please! Help save these 24 trees.

Deborah K. Grose, Port Perry Neighbours in Nature NeighboursinNatureSAVEHeritage GreenspacePortPerry

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