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Letter to the Editor: Durham Transit Driver

Dear Editor

I am a Transit Driver here in Durham Region. Recently I was entering the Oshawa Centre when I noticed a sign at the entrance of the Canadian Tire, thanking people for continuing to work in these dangerous times. There was no mention of bus drivers. My next route was 5 on Thickson Road. As I got up to Canadian Oats, a young couple ran out from the stop near Pizza Co. and presented me with a pizza and drink. I was astounded. Words could not explain how I felt. They thanked me for what I was doing and left to wait for the next driver. I was so taken aback by these young people thinking of bus drivers at this time I forgot about the sign. The pizza was the best. Thank you Pizza Co. and to the young people who waited for me, you are the greatest!

S. Buller

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