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Letter to the Editor – Bakersville

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Once again, we had overwhelmingly positive feedback for our Bakersville Animated Gingerbread Display at Scugog Memorial Public Library during the Holiday Season. Thank you to everyone who took part this year by making a creation–it was our largest ever with 103 entries! We celebrated our 24th anniversary of this wonderful community project, so if you missed it, make sure you come to the library next December! This village wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful support of our library’s staff and administration, monetary support from MSIFN, The Colwell family and the Grant Committee of Scugog Township. The Township Heritage committee stepped up when we were unable to display our banner downtown and supplied A-Frame signs. We are always grateful to the various businesses who are willing to post our flyers and those who host our window displays. Our local Press, including The Standard, were wonderful with all the features about the village in print, radio and television media. Our 2018 pictures were developed courtesy of Walmart photo centre. The Rotary Club let us tag along on their parade train, which gave us amazing visibility and Sue’s Signs did a fabulous job on our signage this year. Our train engineer, Alan Locke, donated an engine from Thomas the Tank Engine – very popular with all visitors, when ours broke down. The Hvidsten family are wonderful as they continually supply space for us within The Focus building to store all of our accessories associated with the village. A big thank you also to our patient families who never mentioned how many dinners were late because of our pre-occupation with everything gingerbread. This is a community event made by and for the community – Thank you everyone!

Sincerely, The Bakersville “Village People”


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