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Kawartha Lakes to consider hiring an emergency manager

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: Kawartha Lakes council is going to consider adding a new position, to oversee emergencies in the municipality.

At a meeting, on Tuesday, May 7th, Fire Chief Terry Jones explained the need for a new manager position.

“We are meeting our minimums, as it is, as far as what is required under the province. Ideally, I’m going to be looking to have our own emergency manager, for the city. I mean, that would be up to council to decide. We believe the city is getting large enough, it is actually a role in itself.”

Chief Jones explained, he feels the emergency management “portfolio is getting rather large,” in the municipality.

“In emergency management, it’s not just the fire service, it could certainly be a lot of other programs, he or she could assist in,” the fire chief explained.

CAO Ron Taylor explained how the city presently handles this portfolio at present.

“The emergency manager role, right now, is almost done by committee, and it’s led by the fire chief. It’s more focused on planning and then response, when an emergency is declared.”

While noting the role could serve as a liaison with the provincial government, Mr. Taylor expanded on the justification for this new role.

“You’re seeing other weather incidents, things of that nature, and so there’s a coordinating effort that’s needed [which] doesn’t really sit in any one emergency service portfolio. So, the need and justification for that emergency manager would be looking at that role as well.”

This position is expected to be discussed further, at the May 21st council meeting.

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