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Kawartha Lakes to consider creation of two community recreational amenities in 2023

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: The City of Kawartha Lakes will consider two recreational projects, totalling $175,000, in the 2023 budget. At a recent meeting, councillors voted to consider $75,000 for the creation of a Pump Park in Little Britain and $100,000 for the creation of a Splash Pad in Omemee, in next year’s budget. A report from Craig Shanks, the Director of Community Services, explained a Pump Park is “a mass configuration of geometrically formed rollers, bowls and berms, allowing bikes, boards and scooters to achieve and sustain speed, using only inertia.” The Township of Uxbridge added a Pump Park in 2019. However, the report stressed the City “would need a local service club to lead the project.” “I know a lot of us sitting around this table recognize the Little Britain community is very strong when it comes to getting projects put together, and fundraising and doing things different[ly] for their community,” Ward 8 Councillor Tracy Richardson said. Regarding the Omemee Splash Pad, City staff had a concern about water capacity. “If a splash pad proposal for Omemee is determined to move forward. Water capacity issues in the village would need to be addressed and [this] would come with a significant investment required,” another report from Mr. Shanks read. The report also stated, “due to the lack of water capacity, a re-circulation system may be required.” The $100,000 is slated to go towards a “Water Servicing Study and Splash Pad Design.” “I think you will see many people step up to the plate, and they will contribute to this project,” Ward 6 Councillor Ron Ashmore stated.

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