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Kawartha Lakes Councillors reviewing new Strategic Plan

KAWARTHA LAKES: Earlier this month, Council was presented with a new Strategic Plan, which is expected to guide the municipality through the year 2023.

“I’m proud that the development of our Strategic Plan has been an inclusive process. We’ve had expanded consultation with members of the public, partners, staff and Council. We’re pleased to have completed this in-house, under the leadership of Brenda Stonehouse, Strategy and Performance Specialist,” commented Kawartha Lakes CAO Ron Taylor.

It was explained that the vision for the future included thriving and growing communities within a healthy and natural environment. One of the key goals of the Plan is “balancing growth and prosperity with protecting and enhancing our environment.”

Throughout the next four years, progress will be measured and reported on the councillors. One of the next steps for councillors following final consideration at the meeting on Tuesday, January 28th will implement action plans and tracking systems throughout the next year.

“As local government, we are constantly challenged with balancing our environmental, social and economic responsibilities. In this new Strategic Plan, we have a blueprint for the next four years and we have set out ambitious goals for Kawartha Lakes,” explained Mayor Andy Letham. “Next we’ll develop action plans to achieve those goals alongside Advisory Committees, agencies, partners and staff. As always, Council will be looking to achieve these goals while ensuring our community remains an affordable place for residents of all ages. I look forward to charting the course with everyone involved.

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