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Kawartha Lakes Councillors put finishing touches on 2020 Budget


KAWARTHA LAKES: At a special council meeting on Tuesday, December 3rd, councillors approved the 2020 Operating Budget with a 3.5 percent tax levy increase, which is down from initial forecasts. As Director of Corporate Services, Jennifer Stover, noted in a presentation, the Operating Budget is 205 million dollars of a total municipal budget of 305 million dollars. In November, Council adopted the Capital, Water and Wastewater and Special Project Budgets totalling 100 million dollars. As explained by City staff, they held all boards and agencies to 2019 budget levels, as councillors and staff navigated through the budget process. Adding to funding dilemma were measures downloaded from the provincial government, particularly child care and paramedic services, and increased winter maintenance costs and waste management funding. Councillors supported a measure that will add 200 thousand dollars to the budget from the Child Care Reserve to make up for provincial reductions. This funding is expected to support child care fee subsidies for up to 79 additional children in 2020 as a one-time transition until they have solidified the provincial model. Internal budget adjustments will offset 400 thousand dollars in reductions to paramedic funding from the province. “This is a solid budget to see us through the needs of our community for 2020. I’m pleased that Council and staff have worked together to keep taxes affordable for our residents while continuing to invest in our infrastructure,” commented Mayor Andy Letham. Among the budget highlights were: a $1.2 million increase in maintenance of roads and bridges; Accessible transit service (LIMO Transit) increased to seven days a week to meet community demands and increased municipal investment in small business development through the Kawartha Lakes Small Business Entrepreneurship Centre (KLSBEC). “We will continue to work closely with the province to tackle the pressures facing us in the coming years. Keeping our municipal finances lean and efficient continues to be the focus so we can adapt as needed,” added Mayor Letham.

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