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Kawartha Lakes asks residents to adhere to April burn ban

DAN CEARNS Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

KAWARTHA LAKES: With a burn ban in place in the City of Kawartha Lakes, fire officials are asking residents for compliance. The burn ban was put in place by the City of Kawartha Lakes, on Wednesday, April 1st, and runs for the entire month of April. Though Kawartha Lakes firefighters already have responded to a number of calls this month. “To date there have been over 50 calls to illegal burns. Each of the property owners will be receiving a minimum $485 invoice,” Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst told The Standard, in an email. With a COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, Chief Pankhurst is concerned about the safety of the city’s firefighters. “We are asking our residents to think about the unnecessary risk they are placing our firefighters in, before they think about burning illegally during the Bun Ban,” he said. “The City has declared a Pandemic Emergency and all resources are directed at keeping the Emergency Services operating and keeping our staff safe. Responding to grass fires and burn complaints places our staff at unnecessary risk to the potential exposure of the COVID-19 virus.” Chief Pankhurst explained the purpose of implementing the burn ban around this time of year. “The ground may appear wet and starting to green up, however the old growth is completely dry and easily ignites, then fire quickly spreads placing crops, livestock, buildings and people at great risk,” he stated. A burn ban in April in Kawartha Lakes has become a regular yearly precautionary measure. “The City wide burn ban for the month of April is nothing new, we have been implementing this for at least 20 years,” Chief Pankhurst explained. More information on the ban can be found online at

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