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Katie's Korner - Mind over Matter

KATIE HUNTER Special to The Standard

A little cold never hurt anyone, Right?

My friend Kortney had a crazy idea one day as the lake was calling her name. We got together and headed to Lake Simcoe for a late fall dip. A cold bath/plunge in the lake is surprisingly refreshing and beneficial. At first, I said I couldn't do this, but mind over matter kicked in, and that's when I said let's do this!

I do caution you, however, to please check with your doctor if you are planning on trying this.

For us, it has helped improve our moods and other health benefits, almost instantly, right in our own backyards. Crazy? Maybe.

Ice baths can reduce pain and inflammation by numbing pain receptors as well as improving mental health, and focus, supporting immunity, helping with exercise recovery and getting a better night's sleep, according to

This is not a new idea; ancient Greeks commonly used cryotherapy (cold water baths) for its health benefits. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, is said to be the grandfather of cryotherapy. The Hippocratic Corpus, written between the fifth and third centuries, chronicles the use of cold water immersion for the treatment of various ailments. He believed cold water had healing properties and prescribed cold water baths for patients with fever, inflammation, and even mental health issues.

The benefits are endless, but it's a matter of getting your mind past the shock of dipping into ice-cold water and checking if this is a healthy way for you to recover.

As I said, it may appear crazy, but it was mood-lifting for us.

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