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Join the Uxbridge Public Library for a Holiday Hurrah in December


The Standard

UXBRIDGE: On Thursday, December 1st, the Uxbridge Public Library is hosting a “Holiday Hurrah.”

The Holiday Hurrah will be a drop-in event at the library, starting at 6:30 p.m. and finishing around 8 p.m. The event will be free, and there will be crafts, carolling outside, and hot chocolate.

The library assistant, Maureen O’Shea Brown, explained, the Holiday Hurrah would have both indoor and outdoor crafts available for participants of all ages to enjoy.

Currently, the library staff are in need of medium-sized and large pine cones, for some Holiday Hurrah crafts. There will be boxes set up, in each department in the library, for people to drop off any spare pine cones. You may deliver the pine cones in any carrying device; a plastic shopping bag, ziplock bag or cardboard box will work perfectly.

One of the crafts will include making a homemade bird feeder, using seed butter, pine cones and other various bird-safe materials. The bird feeder craft will be hosted outside during the Holiday Hurrah.

“Though this is more of a ‘kid activity,’ anyone can participate,” stated Ms. O’Shea Brown.

She shared, making at-home bird feeders help keep local birds well-fed during the winter, when food is often scarce or difficult to find. The seed butter used for this craft is high in protein, so it is good for local birds. To make your own bird feeder at home, you can use peanut butter instead of seed butter. Or, if you don’t mind using seed butter and don't have it available, sunflower seed butter also works well, added Maureen.

Inside the library, staff will also have an “eco-wrapping” station for visitors. People will learn how to make eco-friendly wrapping for the holiday season at this station.

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