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Join Tea and Books on April 6th at the Scugog Library


The Standard

SCUGOG: The Scugog Memorial Public Library is hosting its Tea and Books activity again!

Join the library at 2 p.m., on Thursday, April 6th, for some tea, snacks and a few good books, handpicked by the library staff members.

According to Sarah White, the public services manager at the library, Tea and Books is held bi-monthly every second month, on the first Thursday. Which is usually run by one, sometimes two, library staff members.

Organizers select various books and read short excerpts from each book to the attendees, offering an overview of the book to help individuals decide if they want to pick it up and start reading it.

Most attendees are adults, and the books usually read consist of Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction. So the event likely will not appeal to children or teens.

“When you have community members who are able to gather and share their love of books, it can foster a sense of friendship,” she explained further. “We’ve had many friendships come out of people who have met through Tea and Books.”

For more information about the Scugog Memorial Public Library programs, please call the library’s reference desk, at 905-985-7686, extension 101.

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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
Oct 12, 2023

Join Tea and Books on April 6th at the Scugog Library for an enchanting literary journey. Sip aromatic tea as you immerse yourself in the world of words. But, as the library's doors beckoned, my thoughts shifted to personal statement residency editing services, for my dreams of becoming a doctor demanded perfection. The juxtaposition of these passions filled my day with anticipation, both for the literary escape and the path to my future.

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