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Join March Break camps in Uxbridge 2022


UXBRIDGE: Registration for March Break camps in Uxbridge opened on February 16th, 2022. This March Break, the Township is committed to providing Uxbridge locals with safe and fun camps.

The Township and camp staff continue to adhere to provincial and local guidelines. And they would like staff, families and campers to know, plans for March Break Camps aren’t set in stone. The programs are fluid, as is COVID-19. However, camp staff will make an effort to keep participants informed about camp programs and activities.

Camp staff will disinfect high-touch areas as needed. All shared, and reusable equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as needed. Currently, the Uxbridge March Break campers will be separated into cohorts. These cohorts will remain consistent during March Break. And cohorts will not be allowed to interact with other campers from separate cohorts.

Proper hand hygiene is encouraged for all campers and staff members. All participants are asked to wash their hands before and after eating and touching shared equipment. Alcohol-based hand rub with 60 to 90 percent alcohol concentration will be used as needed.

All visitors entering the program must practice physical distance measures. Physical distancing is not required between cohort members. But a physical distance of 2 metres must be maintained between individuals from different cohorts.

All staff, campers and outside visitors must wear face coverings. This does not include when people are eating, drinking or with their cohort. Some exceptions will be made for any medical conditions, or special needs which restrict them from wearing a mask or face covering.

Staff and campers do not have to wear a mask while outside. But, cohorts should maintain a 2-metre distance between themselves and other cohorts.

Anyone entering the March Break camp program must be screened for COVID-19 every day. If possible, screening should be completed on an electronic basis. And this should be done before arriving at camp for the day.

If the program you’re trying to register for is full, individuals are encouraged to register on the program wait list. There may be a cancellation from another camper, or COVID-19 guidelines may become less restrictive.

For registration assistance, please call 905-852-7831. If you have other inquiries, please contact

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