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Join Floydium at the Town Hall 1873 Theatre in Port Perry


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PORT PERRY: On October 1st, a Toronto-based cover band called Floydium will perform at the Town Hall Theatre in Port Perry.

As their name suggests, they play a variety of songs created by the well-known rock band Pink Floyd.

You can purchase a ticket at the Town Hall 1873 Theatre. Each ticket costs $45.

According to the band’s rhythm guitarist, Leon Dadoun, this is their third time performing in Port Perry. “We had [a] great reception, the first and the second time [the band performed],” he explained. “Port Perry is an interesting and great place to play.”

Pink Floyd has many songs, and many of their albums vary in popularity.

“We play what people want to hear,” said Floydium’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Jacob Manishevitz. He added Floydium values their fans.

While the members enjoy playing Pink Floyd songs that are sure to satisfy hardcore fans, they also want to challenge themselves during their performances. “We like to learn new stuff, put it in the set, go up on stage and present it to our audience,” he said.

Floydium’s most recent post-covid concert was in Chatham, Ontario. During their performance, they played the song Echoes from the 1971 album titled Meddle, which is one of Mr. Dadoun’s favourite songs to play.“There are plenty of songs [by Pink Floyd] that I really like,” he shared.

Mr. Manishevitz said it’s difficult for him to choose his favourite Pink Floyd song to perform. “It’s hard to choose because we work so hard on all of the songs; they are all like our ‘babies,’ and you don’t want to pick your favourite child,” he elaborated.

However, one of his favourite songs to play by Pink Floyd is Wish You Were Here. The album is also titled Wish You Were Here. “It’s a different moment in the show. We bring out the acoustic guitars, [which creates] a little bit of valley as opposed to all of the peaks. Everybody knows it… everybody sings along. It’s a really special part of the show.”

One of Mr. Dadoun’s and Mr, Manishevitz’s favourite things about performing is the energy it creates.

Mr. Dadoun is one of the older members of the band. He remembers listening to Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall when they were first released, “I remember sitting in a friend’s driveway when The Wall first came out and putting the cassette tape into the car’s stereo system and just turning it up until the windows shook.”

Mr. Manishevitz agreed, saying the audience is there to enjoy the music, “Whether you’re listening to the album for the first time as a teenager in the ‘70s or in the early 2000s, it still brings back a certain feeling.”

The members of Floydium hope to help people reach that feeling of nostalgia and relive the moment when they first listened to any Pink Floyd song.

For more information about Floydium and their upcoming shows, please visit their website at

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