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Illegal dumping in North Durham and garbage bag tags

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: Did you know it’s illegal to dump garbage onto the side of the road?

If you see someone dumping garbage onto the side of the road in your area, the Region of Durham asks you to please report it. To do so, you must complete an Illegal Dumping form. This form is available on The Durham Region Website at

To access the page about illegal dumping, simply type into your web browser, go to the Regional Government page on the site, and then click ‘Report an Issue’. There will be a menu a list of ‘issues’ to choose from, so search for ‘Illegal Dumping’.

If you witness a roadside dumping, there are a few things you should record. Like, the vehicle’s license plate number, the colour of the vehicle, and the time of day the dumping took place.

On the Illegal Dumping form, you’ll be asked a few questions, like what type of item you saw the individual dumping and what city or town you were in or near at the time.

But what classifies illegal dumping in North Durham? Here are a few examples of items The Region of Durham considers illegal dumping. Electronics, tires, and yard waste are a few examples of items.

As of April 27th, Uxbridge Town Hall has suspended the sale of garbage bag tags because of the Covid-19 closure. But there are still places online where residents can buy tags. Visit, find ‘Living Here’ and search for ‘Garbage and Recycling’.

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