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How partnering is helping small businesses weather the social distancing storm

Social distancing guidelines implemented in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak posed unique challenges to small business owners. Many small businesses were forced to close their facilities to customers to prevent the spread of the virus, which various sources estimated had claimed the lives of over 200,000 people by the end of April. Delivery and curbside pickup enabled many businesses to offer limited services to consumers, but low revenue still forced many businesses to seek new ways to generate sales. Partnering is one creative way many small businesses owners sought to generate more sales. By partnering with other local businesses, small business owners can capitalize on the community-first attitude many consumers are embracing as they look to help local industries weather the storm created by social distancing.

Restaurant owners can look into partnering with local grocers who can sell prepared meals in their stores, many of which are operating only under very limited, if any, restrictions. Such a partnership can fill the needs of consumers who have grown tired of making their own meals for weeks on end, while also giving grocery stores struggling with supply chain issues more items with which to stock their shelves. It also allows restaurant owners to generate revenue while ensuring food they purchased prior to the implementation of social distancing guidelines does not go to waste.

Local auto body shops also can capitalize on partnering by working in conjunction with local automotive supply stores. By offering many of the items drivers need, such as windshield washer fluid, auto accessories and more, in their shops, auto body shops can attract customers who still need to maintain their vehicles but don’t want to make too many shopping trips. When customers call to book oil change appointments, ask if there are any automotive supplies they need, then partner with a local supply store to deliver those items before customers arrive for their oil changes. Such partnerships benefit consumers and business owners alike, making them ideal ways to generate additional revenue during what has proven to be challenging economic times for many small businesses.

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