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How does snow clearing work in The Township of Scugog?

How does snow clearing work in The Township of Scugog?

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

SCUGOG: As snow falls upon Port Perry and the surrounding areas, people are breaking out their snowblowers and winter gloves. But who’s job is it to plow the main highways and roads throughout Scugog?

“We have a very dedicated team of public works staff [who] work long hours, including nights, weekends and holidays, to make sure the roads are safe for residents and businesses,” said Ms. Coleman.

The public works team has 15 members working during the dayshift and there are three members working during the evenings. These members are responsible for winter maintenance of the roads and parking lots.

The day shift typically starts at 4 a.m., plowing, sanding, or salting all the roads in Scugog Township. During the evening shift, there are three operators focusing on plowing, salting, or sanding priority roads within the area. This also includes parking lots.

According to Ms. Coleman, if there’s a storm during a holiday or weekend, staff are called in voluntarily to plow the roads.

Sometimes there are fewer plows on the roads than usual, this is because some staff members aren’t always readily available. And, sometimes equipment breaks down, so it may take longer for the public works team to clear the roads during these occasions.

She said, there are about 413 kilometres of roads stretching through the township.

The Township of Scugog has hired a seasonal operator to drive snowplows for the roads throughout Scugog Township. This includes hiring a seasonal operator to maintain municipal parking lots, as well. However, the Township of Scugog is not looking for additional operators at this time, stated Ms. Coleman.

The public works team would also like to remind residents and business owners throughout the township, they are responsible for clearing snow and ice around their homes and businesses.

All businesses within Scugog should clear their driveways, sidewalks, and entryways within 24 hours of the latest snowfall.

If you’re unable to clear the sidewalk of ice or snow, the Township recommends hiring a contractor or finding a friend or neighbour to help. “We often receive complaints about the windrow that is left behind by our plows at the end of driveways,” explained Ms. Coleman. “While we know this is frustrating, the Township does not have the resources to clear windrows.”

She also advises residents who are having trouble clearing windrows from their driveway or sidewalk to ask for help.

In addition, Scugog residents are asked to leave Township roads clear for snowplows between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. This was put into place November 1st and remains in place until April 15th, 2022. This is only after a heavy snowfall.

According to Ms. Coleman, local by-law officers have been actively ticketing people who have violated this by-law.

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