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How can Durham Greener Homes help you?


The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: The purpose of Durham Greener Homes (DGH), managed by Windfall Ecology Centre, was created to assist residents living within Durham Region, to help Durham homeowners overcome energy retrofit challenges.

An energy-efficient, properly ventilated home can eliminate drafts, mould hazards and dampness, thereby improving your family’s comfort and health.

Adding energy efficiency to your home and lifestyle may also lower your energy bills, and add to your home’s value if you plan to sell in the future.

DGH rose from the Region’s commitment to nurturing sustainable communities throughout Durham Region. This includes advocating for a transition to “energy-efficient homes” throughout all of the Durham Region, which is a part of the Region’s low carbon and cleaner environment plan.

Durham Greener Homes is a timely project set to help communities affected by the climate crisis. “We recognize our part in the collective effort to contribute to Canada’s net-zero emission reduction goal,” wrote Durham Greener Homes.

Durham Region, along with many other regions across Ontario and Canada, has declared a climate emergency. DGH means to help the Region reach its goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

The Durham Community Energy Plan states, by 2050, all homes throughout the Region should have undergone energy retrofits.

“While Durham Greener Homes is a step in the right direction, to engage Durham homeowners in climate action by retrofitting their homes, the program makes this easier, by taking some of the stress off homeowners in the home energy retrofit journey,” wrote Durham Greener Homes on their website. “

DGH works in collaboration with many energy advising experts, local lending companies and energy utilities. Working with these collaborators helps DGH simplify the home energy retrofitting process and change the residential energy efficiency market.

To learn more about the Windfall Ecology Centre, you can visit their website, at If you’d also like to learn more about DGH and their initiative, check out their website,

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