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Have your say on Backyard Chickens in Uxbridge

UXBRIDGE: The Township will collect feedback from residents until Friday, September 27th to gauge local support for an initiative to permit raising backyard chickens in the community. Following a presentation to Council in August, the municipality is considering a proposal to allow the keeping of hens (egg-laying female chickens) on residential properties within the urban portion of the Township. Domesticated fowl are prohibited throughout the Township unless the property is zoned as Rural (RU). A benefit of keeping chickens is that they provide fresh eggs for a portion of the year. A disadvantage is that chickens in an urban setting can be a nuisance if they are not well managed. Certain restrictions and limitations would be required to eliminate the potential nuisances associated with allowing domesticated fowl within the urban areas of the Township. The complete list is available through the Township’s website, Residents can voice their opinions on the matter until September 27th by taking part in a survey which is also available through the Township of Uxbridge website. Paper copies of the survey can be picked up and dropped off at Uxbridge Town Hall, Uxpool and the Main and Zephyr branches of the Uxbridge Public Library. Councilors will consider feedback from the public along with other information when they address the issue later this fall.

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