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'Happy Birthday, Mobile Food Market'

Katerina Alexakis TNDF

BROCK TOWNSHIP: The Nourish and Develop Foundation (TNDF) launched its Mobile Food Market two years ago, bringing fresh local produce, meal kits, and prepared meals at affordable prices to communities around Brock Township and beyond.

From August 15th-17th and August 22nd-24th, Mobile Food Market (MFM) customers can help celebrate the program's success by participating in its birthday-themed surprises. Last year's celebration included sweet treats and activities for customers, including a contest to name van and trailer, Moby and Sprout. The MFM team has more planned this year.

"We love that we get to celebrate something that has had such a positive impact on the community. Working with food insecurity can be heavy, so it's nice to have some fun and enjoy the good things," said Tiffany, markets coordinator with TNDF. "For our second birthday, you can expect more delicious treats and fun activities, but you'll have to come and see what surprises we have in store!"

Since its conception, the project has become the organization's highest income earner, with revenue increasing 72 percent from 2021 to 2022. With the addition of two locations and Market Bucks gift vouchers, the program has expanded its outreach and offerings.

"We want to spread the word that Mobile Food Market is for the whole community. We still get feedback that people think they'll be taking away from someone else if they shop with us, but the more you shop, the more people we can help," said Beth, food access manager at TNDF.

"The support we get helps fund Nourish House Food Bank, TNDF's educational programs and makes MFM affordable - and possible." she added.

For more information, including MFM's full birthday schedule, visit

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