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Freedom Convoy passes through Durham

JAMES J. GREEN The Standard

DURHAM: Local supporters showed up early along highway 401 in Whitby on Thursday, January 27th, to support the passing “Freedom Convoy”, heading to Ottawa.

High winds, bitter cold and unplowed bridge sidewalks caused many supporters to find new locations to show their support out of the elements. The wind tore small signs, and large signs became wind hazards. But a brave few remained to welcome the Convoy when it finally came through in the late afternoon.

Local supporting trucks, waited to join or otherwise show support, circled along the 401 in anticipation of the Convoy’s arrival. The Convoy arrived around 2 p.m. and appeared to be still passing by after 5:30 p.m.

The general consensus from all of the supporters I interviewed was that this was not an issue of vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated; as there were several from both camps. The attendees came to help bridge the divide between the two groups and end mandates on the subject.

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