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Free posture and backpack checks for kids

Dr. Shawna Dingman

If you’re one of the many parents or grandparents worried about your children’s posture, you’re not alone. People ask me all the time if their kids’ backpacks are contributing to poor posture.

The answer is a definite MAYBE ?.

The bottom line is that if you are noticing that your child’s head is slouching forward ie. their ears aren’t over their shoulders anymore, this poses a huge potential problem.

And backpacks can absolutely contribute to the problem.

One of the things I’ve noticed after seeing hundreds of kids over the last 19 years in practice, is that health problems in children almost always have a component of postural distortion from backpacks.

What I mean by that is that subtle (or not-so-subtle) changes in posture can reflect structural changes happening in the spine and nervous system from backpacks.  And the way our bodies tell us there’s a problem is by creating symptoms.

I always think it’s better to grow a healthy child than to try to fix a sick adult. Prevention is key. So let’s make sure we’re finding the root cause of those posture issues BEFORE they become health problems down the road.

With that in mind, from Monday August 26th until Friday September 6th, I will be offering complimentary posture check ups as well as proper backpack fitting and packing information for any child in our community.

The appointment will take about 15 minutes, it’s totally free and there’s absolutely no obligation for care.

To book your appointment, go to, email or call/text 647-995-1251 to book.

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