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Flowers and plants promote good health

I really hated getting rid of my gardens, but found it necessary, as I struggle with mobility issues since a work accident. However, I was blessed with my husband's talent, and he built me a few raised flower beds around the deck. He also managed to make me a potting bench this spring, to help when working on those raised flower beds. I find it's a real joy and freedom for me to continue to work the soil, especially after a long dark winter. Plants have always been a vital part of a healthy environment and offer us many benefits.

Plants are really important for the planet and for all living things. They provide food for all living creatures, directly or indirectly, and make up a large part of our diet, and are good to eat!

Vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and seeds all come from plants. Onions, cabbages, potatoes, apples and even bananas play a part in our lives. We must ensure to continue this long and beautiful relationship with plants in our lives.

Plants can improve your mood, provide shade and oxygen, improve air quality, and reduce the risk of illness. They can relieve stress and anxiety, to find out, just take a walk around your neighbourhood, where there are plenty of trees and flowers, or ride your bike on a nature trail. Parks and playgrounds allow us to lounge on the grass, sit under a shade tree. A great example is; have a picnic at Palmer Park or admire nature along our fabulous lakefront as you enjoy the fresh air.

You must admit, even if you're not a gardener,a tiny bit of nature can have big benefits for our happiness and well-being. Plants have been shown to lower blood pressure, increase attentiveness, raise productivity, and improve well-being. Even as I continue to declutter our home, nothing pleases me more than displaying some peonies on the side table.

There are reports which suggest potted plants have been found to be helpful in different settings, such as the work environment, schools, hospitals and nursing homes. During the lockdown, many found comfort and solace in nurturing a living thing. Plants have always been so very therapeutic for individuals when the world seems so crazy. Having plants is like owning a pet; you just can't have one because they bring joy but they also need your attention and love.

Plants are a wonderful creation and a miracle from God. God built us a beautiful and healthy place. Every living plant was created to reproduce itself through seeds and pollination. Think of all the things associated with vegetation, such as roots, stems, leaves, bark, vines, fruits, vegetables, flowers and even oxygen. Sometimes, we fail to see the perfection of nature. Nature is perfect because God's love is perfect.

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