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Farmers Markets go Virtual

Every facet of life has been effected by Covid-19 including agriculture. Farmers Markets have been replaced by Virtual Markets. I am aware of two such markets that have sprung up in our local area, Kendal Hills Virtual Market and the York Durham Headwaters (YDH) Virtual Market. Kendal Hills Farm is committed to the principles of regenerative agriculture, a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. With these principals in mind they have brought together local vendors to form the Kendal Hills Farm Virtual Market. Shoppers can purchase their produce on the website and then either have it delivered or pick it up at one of four locations. To learn more about what Kendal Hill Farm offers, go to their website or their facebook page at the following: At YDH, they care about things like sustainability, healthy food choices, supporting agri-tourism and developing your culinary skills. We are a generation that has risen to the challenge and want to make better choices for the planet and better food choices for our families. Surrounded by green pastures, golden fields, gardens and greenhouses, the regions of York, Durham and Headwaters are blessed with a network of farmers committed to growing the best food Ontario offers with integrity, sustainability and care. Whether it’s delicious cuts of meat, fresh farm eggs, creamy dairy, sun-kissed produce or mushrooms grown in earthy dark rooms, farmers are making it easy to move produce from the farm right to your table with the click of a mouse! These organizations focus on developing a food system that is productive, sustainable and transparent while advocating for the production and consumption of healthy, tasty and innovative food! To view a complete list of farms, providers and retailers who are offering curbside pickup and delivery go to Things are changing daily, so please check-in with your farmer for more information. Your next great meal awaits you. Start shopping and support local!

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