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Epsom & Utica news

by Faye Ashton

I hope everyone has enjoyed the little bit of sunshine we had this weekend. It would be nice to see it tomorrow and the next day too. We’ve spent too much time analyzing cloud and fog these last two months.

February is the month of love. We’ve watched retail stores pay tribute to Valentine's Day since Christmas.

February is an extra special month in the Munro family with seven members of Ray and Dorothy’s family celebrating a birthday. I wish each a special and memorable day and year. I wish all in our community the same wishes for any event happening this month in your family.

The community is invited to a “Pot Luck” meal at 12 noon on Tuesday, February 13th, at Epsom United Church. This is shrove Tuesday and possibly there are items in your fridge to part with before Lent. Come and join with neighbours.

We were sad to hear the news Ted Croxall passed away recently. Our condolences to wife Corinne and children. Elizabeth, Robert. Donna and the late Katherine. Ted was a resident of Bethesda, attending public school and church, he also contributed to all aspects of community life there. Ted was days away from his 100 and first birthday. Many of us can think back to the many times he has entertained us with his part in an amazing quartet and his side line antics. We here on earth will miss this special man but those in heaven will have an extra special time being entertained.

Thinking of neighbours who are not well; I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Stay safe from these colds and flus.

Come to the service at Epsom United Church at 10:30 a.m., on Sunday, February 11th. Fellowship to follow.

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