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FAYE ASHTON Special to The Standard

Finally, some real winter weather, even though it still doesn’t match up to what we experienced in our young years. That’s right, snow up to the hydro lines, or was it the telephone lines? Back then, north winds blocked roads for two or three days, and we shovelled huge amounts of snow to get to the barn to do chores, which had to be done.

Most of the recent wind has been from the south, southwest, or east; not really winter cold. Fortunately or not, I guess we’ll find out come Spring if we’re dealing with all the bugs that didn’t meet their demise.

The community said goodbye to Henry “Hank” Webster on Friday at Low and Low Funeral Home in Uxbridge.

Henry grew up on his family farm on the 10th Concession, Highway 47, west of Brock Road, now Marsh Hill Road. Hank chose many things in life to keep him busy, but his spotlessly clean antique tractors turned everyone’s head, and he took them to many community events. Our deepest condolences to his wife, Donna, and many family members and close friends.

The Ashton Family celebrated Christmas this past Sunday at James and Jocelyn’s home in Port Perry. It had been delayed as we waited for our Grandson Donavon and wife Ashlin to visit from Wisconsin, USA. It wouldn’t have been Christmas without them. We are so happy they made it home to celebrate Christmas 2023.

Church will resume at Epsom United Church on Sunday, January 28th, at 10:30 a.m., with Rev. Edith Ann as minister, followed by fellowship.

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