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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

It’s been a hot and trying week with very little rainfall in our area. I missed a special birthday for a lovely and talented former Epsom girl. Donna Kerry Ireland celebrated on the 10th of July. Donna was a dedicated and awesome elementary teacher and has now earned retirement. Tanya Wilson Scott celebrated a special birthday on July 11th. This was her 40th. Tanya teaches piano and voice to many area children and we are so proud of her musical ability. Birthday congratulations to Donna and Tanya. Birthdays are special, but when we get to be 80, they are extra special. Pat Asling will reach this milestone on Sunday, July 26th. Pat attended Epsom Public School and Port Perry High School, then entered Dentistry at the University of Toronto and began practicing in Uxbridge upon graduating. She worked at government-run institutions in the area as a dentist before working in Jamaica for two years and 16 years in Belize, where she has many lifetime friends. Since returning home, she has been involved in many community organizations, in Sandford and the surrounding communities. Pat also finds time to bring together the Sandford-Zephyr news each week. Happy birthday Pat and a special year is wished for you. A special thank you to Doug Farris for providing a virtual church service on YouTube for the Epsom-Utica United Church this week. Send news items to the following address:

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