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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Hope everyone enjoyed the month of May. We started out cold and, during the middle, felt high summer heat. Can you believe we brought in all portable plants to escape the frost and snowstorm on the 28th? Our rainfall for May totalled 12mm, certainly not enough to keep the crops growing. While weather forecasters are exclaiming what a beautiful day, we’re saying, “Where’s the Rain?”.

The community sends our get well wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery to Doris Armstrong, who suffered a bad fall and fractured hip. Doris worked many years as the custodian at Epsom Public School. I’m sure many friends would like to send a thinking of you or get well card, to help cheer her days, as she remains at Uxbridge Cottage Hospital.

We want to wish Donna Eckhardt’s father a happy 91st birthday. He is recovering from a broken hip in hospital at Hanover. This pandemic makes it so impossible for family members to visit their loved ones. Our happy birthday wishes and prayers go to Donna too.

I guess not much is happening in the area, as no one has shared any news.

Send your news items to

Take care, everyone, until we can be fully vaccinated.

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