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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Sometimes you have to be careful about what you wish for! We are so thankful for any amount of rain on our farm, and it sounds like we got more on Friday than our neighbours, 26mm. But we hadn’t excepted hail too, which shredded the corn leaves, vegetables and flowers. I’m sure they will regain their strength and do well with the extra moisture.

We are all happy to know Doris Armstrong is home from Uxbridge Hospital. She is recovering nicely with her son Tom’s assistance. Doris and Tom want to thank you for your get-well cards, telephone visits and delicious food brought to their home. I’m sure a veranda visit would be most welcome.

I was so excited to hear Jordon and Alison McKay had a baby girl, Georgia Maple, a few months back. Somehow covid got in the way of this news getting in the paper. Congratulations, Jordy and Alison and Willowtree farm, on this awesome addition to the family. Life is beautifully changed forever.

Congratulations to Rylee Kerry, who graduated grade twelve, from Port Perry High School (PPHS), with plans to enter Trent University’s policing course in September.

Congratulations to Katelynn Doyle, who graduated from grade twelve from PPHS and plans to enter Ryerson University in the fall and to Connor Doyle, who graduated from Durham College this Spring.

Congratulations to Tim and Wendy Rudkin, who graduated from their two-year course at Ridgetown.

Best wishes to Ben Kerry, who plan to enter Durham College in the fall for Occupational Therapy. Best wishes to Charlie Kerry, who joined the armed forces this Spring and looks forward to the adventure it provides.

Noah Ashton was happy to graduate from Prince Albert Public School and looks forward to High School.

I know many students graduated, and we’d love to congratulate you here too. Please email news items to

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