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EPSOM/UTICA by Faye Ashton

The hot and dry month of August has slipped into September, bringing us cooler and more livable weather. We may complain, but we haven’t experienced the weather-related turmoil many other areas have. Our youth are excited to go back to school, and the colleges and university students will be settled in by now. Wishing all students and teachers a successful and experience that lasts a lifetime.

Chris Young, a country music artist, has a chart-topping song about his famous friends in his hometown. I thought I would tell you about some of our famous friends who are celebrating birthdays during September. Art Powell turned 82 on September 1st. Art’s the best tool and dye person in Canada, and I’m not stretching it. Glen Kerry owns September 9th. He’s busy with his Simmental and Angus cattle, manages another farm and cares deeply for his three daughters and wife Shari.

Our beloved Doris Armstrong, who was the caretaker of Epsom school for 44 years, celebrates her 97th Birthday on September 10th. Doris is getting around quite well and always enjoys a visit on the veranda.

Gail Kerry is celebrating on the 15th, and she is a busy volunteer. She composes the best poems for special occasions such as birthdays and the Epsom Centennial song sung to “Thanks for the Memories.”

Donna Eckhardt celebrates on September 18th. She spends many hours driving a large trailer all over Ontario and sometimes into Quebec and the states delivering horses for various events.

Shirley Baxter is celebrating 80 years and Rev. Edith Ann 70 years on the 21st. Shirley is now retired, but she co-managed with the late Barry Bushell Sears and Radio Shack in Uxbridge in her hay day. Edith Ann was the minister on the Epsom-Utica chargeback in the ’80s and has been over 25 years ministering at her church in Toronto.

Richard Ashton and Tom Armstrong share the 23rd. Tom kept busy at Makita in Whitby for many years and is the technical engineer at Epsom Church. Richard designed and built our home and designed and built throughout the area.

Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating this month. It’s always nice when a neighbour brings a bouquet of sunflowers to your door. They certainly brightened our home.

We are so privileged to be able to share church services online from neighbouring communities. We especially enjoyed Rev. Elaine and Don Willmers’ messages on “The Gospel according to” celebrities such as Johnny Cash, the Beatles, Mr. Rogers and several others, through July and August. It was so interesting and informative to bring the Gospel to life through these personalities. I’d love to put your news in this column so email me at

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