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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

We’re marching along in the busiest but most holy time of the year Christmas.

We thank all the surrounding churches for sharing their church services with all. We’re not sure what’s ahead for us with the continual rise in covid numbers, either, but let’s Celebrate the best and safest way we can.

This week, we send up our prayers for better health for James Houghland, who is getting medical attention at Port Perry hospital. Get well quickly James, Christmas is coming.

The winds on Saturday left many areas with out hydro for some time and items not tacked down visited areas not their own. We must thank the hydro crew who worked in such weather to repair the downed lines and clear branches, etc. I couldn’t imagine working and staying safe out there.

Hope you will find the bins at the Epsom and Utica church steps, to share donations for the area food banks. The need is there.

Sincere congratulations to Robin Ottolini, who won the Rising new artist award at the Canadian Country music awards, in London Ont. In our surrounding areas, we have some amazing young artists, who we are all so proud of.

We will celebrate Christmas Eve at Epsom church, as we did last year, where the service will run continually and all of you can come whenever you are able.

T’is the Season of love and sharing and our wish is, everyone will be able to experience all of the Christmas blessings and joy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at the Standard and the surrounding communities. Send news items to

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