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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

We will experience some near 0* weather this week following the very cold weather we dealt with through January. For all who enjoy the snow, enjoy the fun it creates because the months seem to slip by quickly, bringing us back to lawn cutting and gardening.

We received word that Clifford Boynton has undergone a quad bypass recently and is now back home recovering. Clifford and his family lived on the 8th conc. just west of Epsom, having attended Epsom Public School and Uxbridge Secondary School. We wish Cliff a healthy and complete recovery.

We offer the family of Joe Jordan our deepest sympathy following his passing on January 28th. Joe’s parents moved to Medd road in 1945, and their four children, Carol, Diane, Bill and Joe, attended Epsom Public School and Port Perry High. Joe moved to Espanola approximately ten years ago to be close to his son and passed away while there. Joe will be buried come Springtime at the Presbyterian cemetery, Utica. Come and join the Congregation at Epsom church this Sunday, all protocol in force with Rev. Edith Ann bringing the message.

With February 14th just around the corner and our world needing love, let’s do our part by showing our families, our neighbours here and neighbours worldwide the love and respect each of us needs as we continue to struggle through this pandemic and adjust to life’s ups and downs.

Happy Valentine Day, Everyone. Love from the Marsh Hill road communities of Bethesda, Epsom and Utica.

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